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Is your To-Do-List getting longer and longer? Are you running out of tomorrows? Feeling overwhelmed with your workload and your pushing deadlines? Time to stop panicking.

The Planner provides solutions in every walk of life. As experts of excellence, we help you take control over your time to be able to focus on what really matters for you. we help you give back the time you need to spend on your business and its development as well as be able to focus on what really matters.

Our virtual assistant services save you time and money.  Only the completed tasks get invoiced, there is no fixed charge, no tax or employer contribution. We work with our own tools in our own office while we are open to discuss on-site work and assistance can be arranged as required.

Please find below the list of services we offer to get an insight into The Planner’s world.

Business support I Project management I Event management I Lifestyle management

Update on COVID-19 coronavirus case
The world is always changing. Now different industries are going through a period of rapid change, but certain business models are flexible and adapt to the current economic situation more easily. I am used to working remotely and know how to work in a productive and incredibly organised way from home. My job is to make sure that my clients’ businesses stay as robust as possible while I love helping people by undertaking multiple types of tasks. With changing markets, businesses always need a helping hand. The Planner suggests practical ways of operating for a while or by identifying anything that could help you manage your business, private life or home office tasks. For as long as the world is turning, we must always look ahead and move toward our goal, even if we are doing this on detour.