Welcome to my website!

First of all, let me introduce myself to you… I hope that I will learn more about you, your goals and your business that I wish to support with all my expertise.

What is it all about? Who is The Planner?

My name is Nikolett Gáncsos with over 10 years of experience behind me. I have decided to start my own business and offer a wide range of services to my future clients in as many areas as possible. Even as a child, I was an organized person. I loved sorting my clothes into colours, setting up class trips and budgeting and since then I have never stopped managing and planning. My enthusiasm, dedication and perfectionism have been going hand in hand with hard work. As a manager with experience in leading high-performance teams and meeting objectives, my goal has always been to deliver excellence and create value. I have the drive and determination that allow me to see and achieve my long-term goals step by step while I also find it important to understand and assess the market conditions and my clients’ motivation. 

For you as a self-employed entrepreneur, an executive, an industrious mother or an ever-busy manager, your time is a treasure, therefore, I suggest focusing on what you do the best and delegate the rest. My highly skilled Virtual Assistants free up your time while you can focus on your business, family and dreams. In addition to business support tasks and project management, I wish to help you enjoy your free time as well. Whether we talk about a holiday, a special event or the household, I have one answer: The Planner- the expert of solutions!